goodbye summer, hello fall

Summer might be coming to an end, but this means peel and laser season is just beginning! Schedule a consult to see which treatment is best for your skin.

where are my pregnant ladies at?

Pore Refining Drops have 10% glycolic acid, which helps to exfoliate and brighten the skin, while helping dry up any acne.

“I wanted something to use during my pregnancy that was safe but still effective, that’s when I started using glycolic acid to exfoliate. This is also when the idea of the Pore Refining Drops came to mind.” -Maegan Griffin, Founder of Skin Pharm.

Event ready

Microinfusion aka the Botox facial. This treatment increases the growth of collagen, reduces fine lines, and plumps skin, with no down time. Perfect for your next event.

step one: cleanse

One of the most important parts of your skin care routine is cleansing. Our skin is exposed to pollution, dust, sweat, and other external impurities throughout the day. Help your skin breathe by cleansing regularly.

Ring Ring Hotline Bling

Love what we do, but unable to make it in the office? We offer phone consultations to customize a routine that meets your specific skin goals. Bonus: we’ll even ship all the products to you!

There’s A New Girl On The Block

Nashville native, Courtney Adams, has joined the Skin Pharm family.  After receiving her degree in Social Work, Courtney decided to expand her love of caring for people through obtaining a certification in esthetics.   She brings a wide range of skincare experience to the team rangingfrom the luxury four diamond spa, to the green beauty holistic approach, and rounding it out in the dermatology sector.  Courtney loves assessing and treating skin from all angles while providing a spa experience with medical results.   When asked what her favorite thing about being an Esthetician is, she would tell you it’s setting individual goals with people and working until they reach them.  In her free time you’ll find her gardening and enjoying time with her newlywed husband on their farm.

Courtney will have you feeling relaxed after an hour of zen, while also giving you a punch of results. From her peach fuzz fighting Dermaplaning Facial, to her collagen boosting RF Facial, she’s got you covered.

The Latest in Skin Rejuvenation


Take your microneedling treatment to the next level with platelet rich plasma (PRP). PRP contains a high concentration of platelets, stem cells and growth factors to help your tissue heal and grow new cells, supercharging the microneedling benefits. This treatment is a safe and effective treatment for all skin types who wish to improve their skin quality.

With minimal downtime, microneedling + PRP can be administered every four to six weeks. To achieve best results, schedule a seasonal treatment.

Meet Carly Edwards, MSN, APRN, NP-BC

Carly is a Nashville native and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, graduating cum laude, from Belmont University. After finishing her degree in nursing, Carly began working at Vanderbilt University in two different Intensive Care Units for the next five years. She thrived in the environment and the attention to detail that was needed while taking care of her patients. While working in the ICU, Carly continued her education gaining her Masters of Science in Nursing at Belmont University and is now a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, through which is board certified.

With a family business in medical dermatology, Carly knew that going into a field specializing in aesthetic dermatology was her lifelong dream. Carly’s favorite part about working at Skin Pharm is creating a custom and individualized plan for every client. Carly specializes in treatment plans focusing on overall skin health and natural enhancements through laser technology, injectables, and microneedling.

In addition to practicing at Skin Pharm, Carly enjoys traveling the world with her husband Cody, exploring different National Parks, and becoming a pasta connoisseur.

The Right Skin Care for Every Age

I’m Back!

I can’t believe it’s been six weeks since we welcomed Elijah into the world, but it’s true! We are doing great and enjoying being a family of four. I’ll be back in the office on Wednesday, December 6th, so if you’re looking to book an appointment before the holidays, call our office today at 615-582-6726. There’s still time to get that holiday glow with a sprinkle of Botox to fight wrinkles or a quick microneedling session to boost collagen (you can ask for the “light” treatment to have minimal downtime).


People often ask me how I manage to take care of my skin with two young children. I’ll be honest with you, it can be challenging some days (and especially some nights), but it’s a lot easier once you find the products that work for you and stick to a routine. I’ve been diligent about this since my 20s, so I thought I’d share some tips on how you can take care of your skin no matter your age.


If You’re In Your 20s …

Lucky you. Now’s the time to really focus on preventive care – don’t leave the house without applying your broad spectrum SPF. We’re currently loving broad spectrum SPFs with hyaluronic acid like EltaMD UV Elements. Use a skin cream that’s rich in antioxidants, which prevent damage by limiting the production of free radicals. Try ZO Daily Power Defense or Epionce Intense Defense Serum. If you’re still dealing with breakouts, use an acne treatment like ZO Oil Control Pads.

It’s not too early to start using Botox as part of your preventive skin care regime, as Botox combats wrinkles caused by muscle movements. While you probably don’t need filler for deep lines or wrinkles, filler is great for enhancing your lips if you want to plump them up a bit. Schedule regular chemical peels every 1-3 months to keep your skin bright and smooth.


If You’re In Your 30s …

Add on to the routine above by integrating a retinol product in the evening to help increase skin cell turnover rate. We’re big fans of our hand-picked retinol products because they have additional brightening benefits. Be sure to add retinols in gradually as they can initially cause some irritation as your skin adjusts – start with once a week, and work your way up to every other day as your skin tolerates it (and be sure to keep that SPF on – your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight).  Also add an eye cream – try Lumiere – to protect and prevent wrinkles on the delicate skin around the eye area.

Keep up the regular Botox appointments – every three to six months – to combat fixed lines, and consider filler for exaggerated lines that may have formed around the mouth – aka “smile lines.” In order to aggressively fight signs of aging and improve overall skin appearance, consider adding collagen-boosting treatments every few months such as laser therapy or microneedling into your treatment plan.


If You’re In Your 40s …

Enhance your previous routine by adding peptides and growth factor serums, which help with further fine line correction. We swear by Neocutis MicroSerum. Continue Botox treatments, adding the lower face area (especially around the mouth) to manipulate those aforementioned smile lines that can turn downward as we age.

Filler is great for those increasingly exaggerated lines forming, and for the hollowing areas under your eyes or around your temples. Schedule a resurfacing peel every 1-3 months to treat pigment, lines and wrinkles.


If You’re In Your 50s …

Adding on to the above, you may need to increase filler treatments for exaggerated lines and hollowing areas, and also for regaining structure, especially in the apples of your cheeks and to provide an overall lift to the lower face. For a more intensive non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment, try a fractional resurfacing treatment such as a C02 laser, which can soften wrinkles, tighten skin and improve overall texture.


I hope that helps! If you’re confused about what order to put your products on, the general rule of thumb is to apply the thinnest product on first, working your way up to the thickest product, with the exception of a retinol cream, which usually goes on first. Feel free to ask any questions about skin care and the procedures we offer by emailing us at

The Ideal Multivitamin for Your Skin

Turns out the best multivitamin for your skin is one that you apply topically. Makes sense, right? As if this vitamin A, B, C,D and E product wasn’t enough for us to love, the product went head to head with some of the top ranked antioxidant serums on the market. So what’s our current addiction? Intense Defense Serum by Epionce. The lightweight serum can be used on all skin types- including dry to oily and layers nicely with other products. Isn’t it nice when products can play nice in the sandbox?

Intense Defense Serum contains niacinamide, melon fruit extract, raspberry seed oil and shiitake mushroom extract to provide you with your daily dose of anti-aging benefits. As far as how it lines up with other products, we’ve shared some clinical proof:

“Intense Defense Serum was found across all aging parameters to be equal or superior to [SkinMedica] TNS Recovery Complex Serum. Additionally, Intense Defense Serum was found to be equal or superior in all tolerability parameters.”

Currently part of Skinceuticals CE Ferulic’s colt following?

“Intense Defense Serum was found across all aging parameters to be generally superior with faster onset of efficacy to Skinceuticals CE Ferulic serum. Additionally, Intense Defense Serum was found to be safer, causing less irritation.”

For best results, apply 1-2 times daily. Product is available in our office and to ship. If you’d like to schedule a skin care consult to learn more, contact our office at 615-582-6726.